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Familiarity with shipping

Shipping and shipping services are part of a successful international trade, although the geographical location of a country can be an important factor in determining the type of shipping. In order for a shipping to take place, we need to have access to well-equipped cargo ships. Most of the country’s maritime transport is done through the southern seas of Iran.

What goods are shipped by sea?

  • Goods that have very high volumes.
  • Goods that do not pose a problem for their quality due to the long arrival time. (Of course, goods that require a certain temperature can also be transported in a refrigerated container.)
  • Are goods that do not lose their target due to late market arrival.

Types of shipping in shipping

Depending on how far the destination of the cargo is from the place of loading and what type of goods it is and what its volume is, the type of marine vehicle can be selected.

Vehicle types are:

  • Landing Craft
  • dobeh
  • Launch
  • Ship
  • Barge and…

Maritime transport industry

It can be said that this industry is the largest industry in the world with about two million and five hundred people working in it. This type of industry has a great impact on the foreign trade of countries. In general, maritime transport is one of the most suitable methods of transportation. 90% of a country’s commercial transport is the maritime transport industry.

Why shipping?

Low cost of shipping
Settlement upon delivery
High speed of work
Fixed fare rates

Considering the geographical conditions of Iran, it can be said that this country has many advantages for maritime transport:

  • Having a large sea in the north and south of the country (Oman and the Persian Gulf) (Caspian)
  • Having approximately three thousand kilometers of coastlines
  • Location of the country in the north-south corridors
  • Possibility of Iran access to open waters through the Indian Ocean

There are three countries that bring the most imports to Iran by sea:

South Korea

The most important items imported by sea

  • Raw Material
  • Medical and hospital equipment Sports equipment and club supplies
  • Road construction machinery
  • Car parts and import of all kinds of cars
  • Ship and aircraft requirements
  • Food and edible
  • All kinds of toys and textile machines

A variety of indirect shipping methods

Cross-staffing: This method is used to transfer goods when there is no direct delivery to the country. In this method, the cargo is transferred from one ship to another and the container is changed. In other words, no shipping is going directly from the origin to the destination. In this case, for example, the cargo is loaded from a port in India and transferred to a port in the UAE. So there is a change of cargo on the ships and the carrier moves to the destination.


Chartering: This transfer method is used for two purposes: for high volume goods and for goods without packaging. For this purpose, a ship is booked for the transfer of this type of goods. The contract used in this method is a charter, which is not accepted by the bank in any way.

Transshipment: This method is used when you are faced with a lack of customs clearance for the goods and you have to transfer the goods to another customs office that gives you the relevant permit. This method is called transhipment.


Groupage transport: It is also called common transport. If the quantity of your goods is less than the volume of one container, the importer will put your cargo in the container together with others and it will be delivered to you separately at the destination of the warehouse receipt.


Bulk sea transport: In this transport, goods enter the ship without any packaging and outside the container.

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