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Merchant customs clearance is used by traders for import from European countries as well as Turkey. In this article, we will introduce you to all its steps:

Merchant Customs
Bazargan Customs is only one kilometer away from Bazargan and Turkey.
The exact date of establishment of this customs is 1305, when Bazargan village had a very small population.
The name of this customs is called Gorbolag border from Turkey.
The exact location of Bazargan customs is located on the slopes of Ararat.
There are two entrances for the passage of means of transport through the merchant customs clearance, through which trailers, cars and buses pass.
About 350-500 trucks cross this border daily.
The types of customs affairs that are done in this area are: export, import, customs clearance, passenger, transit of goods
The building of this customs is about four thousand and four hundred meters, which has been set up in four floors.
Merchant City
Bazargan city is located in Mako city. Mako city is also one of the provinces of West Azerbaijan.

Rules on customs clearance of merchants
The laws that are in force at this customs are quite similar to the laws that exist in all customs in Iran.

The possibility of cocoon clearance is one of the advantages of this customs.
Through this customs, only goods can be imported into the country that are not banned from importing, so before doing anything, make sure that the goods you are considering are not banned.

What customs are under the supervision of Bazargan Customs?
The mentioned customs are considered as a subset of Bazargan customs and are fully supervised by this customs:

Sari Moo Bazaars
Sanam Bolaghi
Goods imported from Bazargan customs
Import of all kinds of fabrics
Plastic materials
Types of elevator doors (automatic doors)
Types of stones (marble, etc.)
spare parts
Aluminum profiles
Engines used in industry
Plastic rods
And …
Export goods through Bazargan customs
Trailer parts
Gearbox motors
Acosin rock, manganese
And …
Countries that import from Iran through the merchant border:
Necessary documents for goods clearance from Bazargan customs
Business Cards
Documents for the purchase of goods
All licenses required to import goods (such as health licenses)
Provide a bill of lading related to the goods
Purchase invoice (value of goods)
Provide inspection certificates
Product insurance
Bank documents
Proforma Invis
Warehouse Receipt
Packing list (full load information)
All the above items have been delivered to the merchant customs and in return you will prepare the declaration.

What is mentioned in the declaration?
In general, each declaration in the customs clearance of goods has a specific set of information, which we will refer to below:

product owner
product type
Exact number of goods
Weight of goods
Value of goods
All these cases must be completed with meticulousness and care, because the merchant customs carries out the necessary checks according to this declaration.

Customs clearance of merchants
After preparing all the necessary documents and submitting them to the customs, you carefully complete and submit the declaration; Now it is time for customs experts to review your documents. If there is no discrepancy between the value of the goods and the declared tariff, the normal procedure of the clearance process will proceed and then the goods will be cleared through customs.

Merchant customs clearance steps
Enter all the required information into the EPL system
Print the declaration
Get the cottage and determine the route by experts
Evaluation of the product by the information we sent
Get all the licenses you need for the product
Service expert, cashier, warehousing, exit door, goods exit

Merchant customs clearance costs
In order to be able to clear the goods you want from the customs of the merchant, you need to pay some costs. These costs include the following:

Warehousing costs
Laboratory tariff
Customs deposit of goods
Tax payment
And …
All these costs are received along with the entrance fee from the owner of the goods.

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