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If you intend to import goods, the first step is to obtain the relevant licenses. Here are the steps Priorities in the process of obtaining an import license In this process, you must first check whether the goods are free or prohibited, which can be easily inquired by using the tariff (hs code) of the goods on the Ntsw.ir site.

His code of goods is divided into three priorities according to the policies of the Organization of Industry, Mining and Trade.
Priority one includes basic goods to which government currency is allocated.
Priority two includes goods to which government currency does not belong. It is done only through half-money remittance or currency obtained from export (currency that the cardholder can import in exchange for the export amount of goods). Their entry is free only if there is no similar domestic production.
Priority four includes goods whose entry is prohibited by the policies of the Ministry of Industry, Mines, and Trade.
After checking the prohibition of goods, we enter the stage of registering the order of goods.  Registration of goods order
If a product is not banned from import, in the first step, we will register the pre-invoice of the product in the comprehensive trading system ntsw.ir.
According to the purchase value of goods, weight and number of goods in the pre-invoice, we record the information and then send it to the expert.
According to the tariff of goods, the licenses required by the Ministry of Industry (driving force, cellulose, agricultural jihad, health, etc.) will be activated on the site, which requires you to obtain these licenses.
After expert reviews and inquiries, the licenses adopted will be approved in the absence of a problem.
15During the process of obtaining the import license, after confirming the file, we will finally pay the commission and then issue the license number.

At the commission payment stage, the trade receipt is calculated according to the value of the goods according to a formula: The value of the goods * The exchange rate of the government day / 2000 is calculated.

At this stage (payment of commission), according to the value of the goods, we deposit the file, then the eight-digit license number is issued. title=”Foreign exchange operations management In order to declare the goods in the bank file, we need to send the documents of the goods and the details of the commercial license to the relevant bank in order to establish the source of the currency.
At this stage, the relevant bank has registered a statistical certificate according to the type of foreign exchange operations (against exports / half currency), which is reviewed and approved by the Central Bank.
The bank creates a foreign currency remittance number / documentary credit that we can declare the goods or so-called cottage.
After cottage and confirmation of the value ID in the customs, we proceed to obtain a 16-digit tracking code.
Now the goods are allowed to leave the customs.
title Obtaining a license to import goods by Rahkar Teja Paya Company You should be somewhat familiar with the process of obtaining an import license.

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