Export of goods


Rahkar Tejarat Paya Co. has the capacity to export your goods from all the land, Sea and Air ports (customs) to anywhere in the world. Export is done through the following stages342 Introducing the goods to usHaving done the researches about your target market, you introduce us the goods you intend to export. Required licenses All the affairs required to ensure if the goods are among the permissible or prohibited goods are done. Delivery of the goods At this stage, you must deliver the goods to us at the customs office. obtain the certificate of Origin at the earliest time possible. Export of the goods After we receive the intended goods at the country of origin and obtained all required licenses and authorizations, we export it to the destination port. The delivery of the goods will be done at the earliest time possible in consideration of the distance between port of origin and destination.

Mahmoud Zarei
Mahmoud Zarei

I have served many importers, manufacturers and exporters. On this website, my 20 years of experience are available to you so that you do not face challenges in importing, exporting and clearing goods

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