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  • We are up-to-date in the field of information related to our activities.
    Cooperation with the UAE, which facilitates international communication.
    The services offered by Paya Trade Solutions are a complete set that includes currency remittance, purchase, license acquisition, transportation, export, import, clearance, etc.
    Information experts of the consulting team of Paya Tejarat solution have complete information in customs technical issues.
    Under any circumstances, we adhere to the financial and legal obligations mentioned in the contract.
    The articles of the contracts in the Paya Tejarat solution set are set in such a way that the employer will not suffer under any circumstances.
    Paying attention to the acquisition of international elements such as ISO certification, economic card rating, etc.

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You may be planning to enter the import business or buy and import goods for a few times (even once). In both cases, it will be useful for you to get familiar with the import process and how to start importing goods, which is summarized in the following three steps. The Paya Tejarat Solution Company is by your side with many years of knowledge and experience in all stages of transactions.

Importing goods to Iran

goods release from Customs

Clearance of goods from Iranian customs requires technical knowledge that you will need after importing any goods. In fact, clearance is a stage that can have many challenges for you. But there are still solutions to do it without any trouble and quickly, which we will discuss. To clear your goods, you need to be familiar with concepts such as proforma, order registration and customs routes. Also, in this article, we will review the procedures of customs clearance in Iran in detail and inform you about its costs


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