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If you intend to purchase goods in Dubai, you can easily and comfortably do it through Rahkar Tejarat Paya Co.

We will provide you with any commercial services you desire at any places in the world. Customs clearance is also one of our specialized services.

Rahkar Tejarat Paya Co. services for purchasing goods in Dubai

Rakar Tejarat Paya Co. is empowered to provide its customers with the following services in the most favorable way:
• Price Estimation
• Finding the most appropriate links and connections to purchase
• Purchasing goods from all over the world
• Transportation of Goods by land, sea and Air
• Clearance and transit of the Goods in Dubai, Iran, or anywhere in the world.

Cost Estimation for Purchasing Goods from Dubai

When you intend to purchase goods from dubai or any other parts of the world, you must have a clear understanding of of the cost and expenses of Purchasing, transporting and clearing the goods.
The specialized teams of Rahkar Tejarat Paya can accurately calculate all these costs and any other surplus or additional costs like the costs of expenses, money transfer, etc. for you.

Duration of time required for delivery (transportation) of Goods from Dubai

One important consideration in purchasing goods is the time the goods are delivered to you, which depends on several factors:
• The country of destination and its distance from our country
• Type of goods you purchase
• Type of Transportation
Based on these factors, our experienced experts can estimate the delivery time and provide you with all the information you need.

Types of Transportation

In general, you can transport your goods from all over the globe through three methods:
• Shipping (Sea Transportation)
• Land Transportation
• Airport (Air Transportation)

However, due to geographical features, the goods purchased in/from Dubai can best be transported by sea.

Different Types of Air Transport from Dubai

  • In this method of transportation, goods can be delivered through Door to Airport Method; that is, the goods are transported from the place of origin and delivered at Airport.
  • The second model of Air transport is Airport to Airport in which the goods are transported from the Airport of the country of origin to the airport of the country of destination.
  • The last model which is Door to door includes transportation of goods from the seller’s Place to the Buyer’s Place.

Different types of Sea transport

You might want to transport your goods from the country of origin by sea. You can choose either of the following ways:
• Port to Port: the goods are loaded at the port of Origin and delivered at port of destination.
• Door to Port: the goods are delivered from the manufacturing factory to the port of destination.


Types of Containers:

We have two types of containers to transport your goods:
• Less Container Load (LCL): these containers are used for small and low-weight goods.
• Full Container Load (FCL): these containers will be used for heavy goods and those which need full container.

Different Sizes of Containers from Purchases in Dubai

Based on the goods you intend to transport and the calculated weight, one of the following containers can be chosen:
• 20 foot Container
• 40 foot conainer
• Huge Cube (for higher weights)

Purchasing goods from Dubai for other countries

If you have any limitations in purchasing goods and products as a result of the sanctions, then

  • Rahkar Tejarat Paya Co. can purchase the goods from the country of Origin through its branch in Dubai.
  • Then, the goods will be loaded from that country to Dubai, and from Dubai to Iran, without any restrictions


With over 17 years of experience in all commercial affairs, we are able to provide you with the best and most appropriate consultation on Import, export, purchase and clearance of goods.
Through our active agents and branches in Dubai, we have also provided a possibility for our customers to buy their goods from any country in the world and deliver it to and do all the clearance affairs at the Iranian customs.

Our company can provide the following services:

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