Steps for getting a license import

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Import License Procedures
In this article, we introduce Import License Procedures for a product. The first step for importing is to familiarize yourself with its concepts.

Priorities in the process of getting the import license

In the process, you should first check whether the goods are Permissible or prohibited which can be inquired using the hs code on .

  • Hs code of The goods is divided into four priorities according to the policies of the Ministry of Mine, Trade and Commerce.
  •  The First Priority includes essential commodities to which the government currency is allocated.
  • The Second Priority covers Goods to which the government currency is not allocated and is only conducted by means of Nima or export currency (the currency that the cardholder can import in exchange for exporting goods). They can only be imported in case of no domestic counterparts is available.
  • The Third Priority includes goods whose entry is possible only in the currency of export if they do not have domestic counterparts.
  • The Fourth Priority includes goods that are banned under the policies of the Ministry of Industry, Mine and Trade.

After checking the prohibition of goods, we enter the order registration process

مراحل مجوز واردات کالا
Steps for getting a license import
  1. Order Registration of goods in the Steps for getting a license import
  2. If the goods did not have import prohibitions or bans, we would first register the proforma invoice in the inclusive trading system at .
  3. Considering the value of the purchase, the weight and the number of goods in the proforma invoice, we submit the information and then send it to the expert.
  4. Considering the tariffs, the licenses required by the Ministry of Industry (Driving force, Cellulose, Agricultural Jihad, Health, etc.) are activated on the site, which requires you to obtain these licenses.
  5. After expert examination and Validation Inquiry of the provided licenses , in case no problem existed, the case would be confirmed.

Issuing A License Number

During the process of getting an import license, after confirming the case, we finally pay the fee and then the license number is issued.

At the payment stage, the trade invoice is calculated according to the formula:
The value of the commodity * the government exchange rate / 2000

At this point we pay the fee according to the value of the goods, then an eight-digit license number is issued.

صدور شماره مجوز در اخذ مجوز واردات
Issuing A License Number

Currency Operations Management

  • In the bank File, for the declaration of Goods, we need to send the merchandise documents and trade license details to the relevant bank for establishing the origin of currency.
  • At this stage, the relevant bank registers a statistical certificate according to the type of foreign exchange operations (in exchange for the export or the Nima currency), which is reviewed and approved by the Central Bank.
  • The bank creates a currency credit card number that we can declare the registration.
  • After the declaration of registration and validation of the ID at customs, we will obtain a 16-digit tracking code.
  • Now the goods are allowed to be cleared from the customs.

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