Benefits of Bushehr Customs Clearance

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Benefits of Bushehr Customs Clearance

After a brief introduction to Bushehr, it is time to get acquainted with its largest port, Bushehr, its clearance and trade benefits:

  • Having a route to neighboring Persian Gulf countries like Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Bahrain, Oman
  • Customs discounts of about 20%
  • High-speed Transit
  • It is one of the customs where the cost of the depot is appropriate
  • Export and import of all kinds of petroleum and nonpetroleum products
  • Nearest Customs to Qatar
  • Unload in 24 hours
  • The oldest commercial port of Iran
  • It has the largest maritime border with the Persian Gulf
  • Duty exemption for goods imported into and produced in Iran
  • Bushehr Clearance with minimum customs formalities
  • Reasonable warehousing costs
  • The proximity of Pars Special Economic Zone to Bushehr Port which is commercially a great advantage
  • Possibility of re-export of goods with temporary entry
  • The capacity of 3 million tons of goods per year
  • indoor warehouse with an area of 37,000 meters


ترخیص کالا از بوشهر
Bushehr Customs Clearance


Bushehr province

With 5000 years of history, Bushehr province is the seventeenth-largest province in the country. Bushehr has about 7000 kilometers of the maritime border with the Persian Gulf, which is a record for a province in Iran. Bushehr province has been the capital of energy because of its high energy content. The province is located in southwestern Iran. Because of the overall benefits of this province, its large port, Bushehr, is one of the most important ports for clearance.


ترخیص کالا از گمرک بوشهر
Bushehr Customs Clearance


Benefits of Bushehr Province:

  • High energy resources
  • Large halls for storing imported or exported goods
  • Having multiple ports for commercial affairs
  • Excellent geographical location
  • Bushehr Customs clearance
ترخیص کالا از گمرک بوشهر
Bushehr Customs Clearance


 Ports of Bushehr Province

Bushehr Province has several ports:

  • Genaveh
  • Assaluyeh
  • Deylam
  • Deyr
  • Rig
  • Kangan
  • Delwar
  • Bolkheir
  • Nakhl Taqi

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Rahkar Tejarat Paya Company

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