Rahkar Tejarat Paya Company professionally performs all matters related to the clearance of goods from different customs of the country for its customers. If you want to import and clear the goods you want, contact our experts through the contact page to guide you. In this article, we want to acquaint you with the steps of customs clearance. In general, customs clearance is done in several ways. Depending on what stage of the import the customer wants to leave the work to us, we consider a specific process for it. The following is a complete explanation of the clearance process:

Shipping of purchased goods
A person buys the desired product from the country of production and enters the country through the following ways:

Imports goods to Iranian ports by sea.
Goods are sent by air to all airports in Iran that have cargo.
Goods purchased from European countries enter the country by land through the merchant border.
Now, step by step, we will explain to you what steps must be taken by the customer and work clearance in order for the goods to be cleared. “<yoastmark

Obtaining import license from the Commercial Office
At this stage of customs clearance, we must first obtain the relevant license from the Commercial Office. We must register the pre-invoice related to the goods on the ntsw.ir site and apply for a business license. At this stage, we will obtain a license and clear the goods by the business card of the importing company.

Check the license of the requested product
In the next stage of customs clearance, we first need to examine the prohibition of the goods in question. For this purpose, we ask the customer to give us the Hs code (a standardization system for classifying and identifying products). The customer may not be aware of this code or the seller may not provide the tariff code to the customer. We can find this code for your product. Then, according to the packing list (load information that includes volume, weight, etc.) and invoice (price-based invoice) that we receive from the customer, we start the licensing process. If the import of goods is not prohibited, we will start checking its price according to the tariff we obtained. “<yoastmark

Estimating the cost of customs clearance
First we get the source of the goods. (It is also called entry fee: the percentage of the total value of the invoice according to the amount determined by the Ministry of Mines, Industry and Trade, which is updated at the beginning of each year, is said to be collected as customs from the owner of the goods.) We get the goods in TSC system. This system is declared by the Department of Value and Customs and its job is to evaluate the goods in question. At this stage, we determine what the costs are for the customer packing, for example, with a volume of 30 CBM and a weight of 100 kg, along with the specified invoice? that’s mean:

How much is the customs fee?
What permissions does it need?
What are the ancillary costs?
After reviewing all the above, we will announce the final price to the customer. If the customer is approved for the import of goods, we can start working.

Issuance of bill of lading or BL before customs clearance
A bill of lading is a very important document, especially when you are claiming insurance damages. The bill of lading cannot be transferred to another person and shows the ownership of the goods. For the customs clearance process, after the customer’s approval, a bill of lading is issued by the shipping company and delivered to us. “<yoastmark

Issuance of warehouse receipt (N.W.R) in customs clearance
After the goods are loaded at customs, they must be unloaded before delivery to the warehouse. This has two modes: First, the product is light weight and can be unloaded in stock. The second case is that the goods have a high weight and are unloaded in the yard with the container. A receipt issued after unloading and matching the goods is called a warehouse receipt. This bill contains the following information:

Name of the owner of the goods
Product Type
Exact delivery date
Weight of goods and …

Customs declaration and getting cottage
Now it is time to get the goods license for customs clearance. Enter the customs site and register the customs declaration of the goods we want. For customs clearance, we need to receive the cottage code after sending the declaration. At this stage, we also need to pay the customs amount. Then the declaration is sent and the relevant expert in customs takes its objections and informs us. We will correct it and send it again. This process will continue until approval is obtained.

Obtaining the required permits
For customs clearance of goods after we have sent the customs declaration and received the cottage: Depending on the type of goods, a series of licenses will be determined for us, which we need to receive all of them. For example, the import of foodstuffs requires the permission of the Health Department. Other licenses include:

Determine the nature
Department of Defense
environment and …

goods release from Customs
goods release from Customs

The final stage of loading the goods
After the full approval of the customs expert, we enter the stage of issuing the loading license.
At this stage, holding the customs license given to us by the customs system, we refer to the declared customs in person.
After receiving the loading permit, the goods are loaded and sent to the customs exit door.
At this stage, the exit door check expert checks the declaration process and issues the exit permit. Customs clearance at this stage to

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