With over 18 years of experience in the field of trading, RAHKAR TEJARAT PAYA has provided the following services:

  • purchasing your goods from European, Asian and American countries and having strong connections to facilitate purchasing in the country in question
  • a strong search team at Dubai Branch to find your desired item from anywhere in the world
  • Finding the product you want with different brands and prices to help you make the best choice
  • Indirect imports of goods that have difficulty in importing directly due to sanctions through the Dubai Branch
  • Clearance of goods from all customs offices of the country by a team of experts with high accuracy and speed and without additional costs
  • Importing your goods directly into the country
  • Forecasting and calculating all possible costs with respect to the information of the desired product
  • Having a qualified staff with over twenty years of experience in consulting in all stages of your business and resolving your problems in this field
  • Preparing all the necessary licenses in this field for the clients according to the strict restrictions in this field
  • Facilitating the transit and storage of your goods

Contact our experts for any furtherquestions.

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