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With over 18 years of experience in the field of trading, RAHKAR TEJARAT PAYA has provided the following services:

  • purchasing your goods from European, Asian and American countries and having strong connections to facilitate purchasing in the country in question
  • a strong search team at Dubai Branch to find your desired item from anywhere in the world
  • Finding the product you want with different brands and prices to help you make the best choice
  • Indirect imports of goods that have difficulty in importing directly due to sanctions through the Dubai Branch
  • Clearance of goods from all customs offices of the country by a team of experts with high accuracy and speed and without additional costs
  • Importing your goods directly into the country
  • Forecasting and calculating all possible costs with respect to the information of the desired product
  • Having a qualified staff with over twenty years of experience in consulting in all stages of your business and resolving your problems in this field
  • Preparing all the necessary licenses in this field for the clients according to the strict restrictions in this field
  • Facilitating the transit and storage of your goods

Our customers

Mahmood zarei

The Chairman of the Board of Directors

کارمندان شرکت راهکار تجارت پایا

Fatemeh Shokaat


Amir jamei

Responsible for banking

Shirin shesh bloki

Managing Director (CEO)

کارمندان شرکت راهکار تجارت پایا

Alireza Ebrahimi

Commercial Team

Hadis safai

Responsible for commercial licenses

Reza Zarei

Commercial Team

Mahsa bakui

Marketing Manager

Arezou afrasiabi

Head of Bushehr office

Ehsan Zarei

Director of the Commercial Team
تینا نیکدل

Tina Nikdel

Digital Marketing Expert

Sahar Hadadi

Office Manager

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